Handles Gastropub Closes

March 6, 2018

In the third local jazz venue closing since October 2017, we now see Handles Gastropub close its doors to the public. 


Handles Gastropub posted the following on the front of their restaurant after they closed in late February*:


It is with a heavy heart that we announce the closing of Handles on Main. After nearly eight years of bringing people together for food and drink, creating a space for dancing and laughing, hosting celebrations of marriage and memorials of life, it's time to close our doors.


Thank you especially to our loyal employees who made every day that much easier with your incredibly hard work in a notoriously hard business. Also, thank you to our regular customers who kept us going—you inspired us to keep it fresh and keep it real (the food, the beer, and the companionship). We truly wish everyone the best.

It's been an honor to serve you,
Handles Ownership



However, we can be thankful that this loss is not as detrimental to the jazz scene as the Double Barrel Wine Bar closure last October. Only a few times have any jazz musicians played at Handles Gastropub, while jazz musicians played at Double Barrel every week. But this is still a major loss to the Community of Pleasanton.


We hope that another jazz venue will be started at the former Handles Gastropub in the near future.


*This information is from patch.com. For more information, please view their post.


Correction: the Underdog Wine Bar closed in late 2017, making this the third venue closing since October 2017, not the second.

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