The Jazz Diagram Signifies New Era for the Tri-Valley Jazz Society

June 17, 2018

We've come a long way since the first post more than a year ago when the whole Jazz Society began, that's for sure. And after that post we entered June 2017, when we had two posts. In September, we broke a record with three posts (it sounds silly now, doesn't it?), followed by four in October and nine in November - this sudden increase was when the Jazz Society began to take on a whole new dimension by using its blog to grow. 


In the early spring of 2018, this website began to go through an ongoing period of expansion in two main ways: the cities that the Society covered on its Events Calendar, and by launching the Jazz Recommendations on the Blog. 


There have also been Forum changes and adjustments in recent times (which made clear a need for clarifications and further changes), along with other interesting elements, such as the map of jazz venues and even a weather forecasting system for those who want to go to outdoor events!


However, a new page was launched today on the Jazz Society website: the Jazz Diagram. This diagram lays out the history of jazz in a timeline-like fashion and will see expansion and improvement in the hopefully near future. If you have more information that you think should be included on the Diagram, you can get in touch with us on the contact page or via the Forum. The Jazz Diagram is currently in development and is far from complete. 


But why is the Jazz Diagram so important? The explanation is something that has gradually been emerging on the website over a period of several months: the transition of this website from being just an Events Calendar to being a learning resource about jazz, a useful treasury of event-related information, and of course much more. Early attempts at pulling website readership to other pages were too weak to make a large impact, but this Blog's expansion began to make the transition from late 2017 to early-to-mid 2018 and was followed by more pages and information, with today the creation Jazz Diagram learning resource clearly marking this website's transition. 


We hope our new Jazz Diagram will be able to get on search engines so, by discovering it, more people can discover the online services provided by the Tri-Valley Jazz Society website. In the longer term, more similar pages to the Jazz Diagram may be added to this website.


However, we also want to emphasize that these changes to the website will not mean that the Events Calendar will be abandoned. Instead, multiple parts of the Tri-Valley Jazz Society website will become useful to jazz fans in the area and around the world rather than the website being "just an Event Calendar".

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