Jazz Review - the Challenge: Solution

August 2, 2018

A little while ago we challenged those reading an older article to figure out whom the musicians were on the original version of "Ladybird". We have waited for some time and got no answers to our question, so now it's the time to reveal whom the musicians were. 


The recording is shown above. Now, we will present the list of musicians. It is almost definitely correct, and is mentioned in the description of the above YouTube video.


According to that description, the musicians are Fats Navarro (trumpet), Alan Eager (tenor saxophone), Wardell Gray (tenor saxophone), Tadd Dameron (piano), Curly Russell (bass), and Kenny Clarke (drums). This list of the musicians is backed up by the Fats Navarro discography, which states that in Session 35, when Ladybird was originally recorded, these were the personnel. 


The personnel listing on another YouTube video including the same recording (which said Ernie Henry was one of the saxophonists) is written incorrectly and we were essentially using the video as a red herring - Ernie Henry appeared on sessions 20-21 in 1947 and sessions 38-39 in 1948, but Ladybird was not recorded in any of these sessions. For information about all of these sessions with Navarro, click on the link in the previous paragraph for the Fats Navarro discography. 


If you still have any questions about the personnel or you think our answer is wrong, you can comment below. 

In a future post or in multiple future posts, we will continue to mention important Charlie Parker recordings and perhaps stay on the early modern jazz scene for a little while before heading into, perhaps, Latin jazz for our jazz reviews? We'll see when the time approaches. 

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